List of Rides in Kishkinta, Chennai

Kishkinta has variety of rides for kids as well as adults.

  • White Water Ride
  • 3D Theatre
  • Flume Ride
  • Space Shuttle
  • Chennai Kuttralam
  • Tora Tora
  • Aqua Slide
  • Manthira Arai
  • Water Volcano
  • Thrillarium
  • Dome Slide
  • Road Train
  • Rain Disco
  • Carousel
  • Boating
  • Boat Merry Go Round
  • Tourist Boat
  • Helicopter
  • Arabian Nights
  • Dodging Cars
  • Bumper Cars
  • Water Scooter*
  • Trooper
  • Ko-Kart*
  • Dragon Coaster

* These rides are not covered in the park access rates

Ride Timings and Charges:

The below Amusement Rides in Kishkinta can be played with extra charge:

Water Complex Ride – Timings: 1 pm to 6 pm

Waves Ride – Timings: 3pm to 3.20pm, 4 pm to 4.20pm, 5.20 to 5.40 pm

Water Volcano Ride – Timings: 2.45 pm

Multi lane Slide – Timings: 1 pm to 2 pm, 3.20 to 4 pm

Musical Fountain and 3D-theatre – Timings: 1pm, to 6pm

Manthira Arai Ride – Timings: 3 pm and 4.15pm

Note: The raids like Tourist Boat, Water Scooter, Ko-kart, Boating and Road Train will end at 6 pm.

Water Scooter Ride Charge is Rs.100/-

Ko-kart Ride Charge is Rs.50/-, for Doubles Rs.80/-

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