World’s Most Beautiful Places for Honeymoon

You’ve spent months planning every detail of your dream wedding. You’ve stressed over seating charts. Lost sleep over place settings. And now the Big Day has come and gone, its time to kick back, relax, play and enjoy the most romantic holiday of your life with your new partner.

Honeymooners have lots of places to choose from, so whether you’re planning on going to an exotic & adventurous location, a relaxing beach vacation, a nonstop safari, a romantic ski trip or even a cruise to various islands, your trip should be based on your joint personality. Here are some of the world’s most romantic getaways to help you choose from:

New Zealand:

New Zealand is an island country about 2000 Km southeast of Australia. Due to its geographic isolation New Zealand has developed a distinctive fauna and culture. The country is known for its breathtaking landscape including abundant native forests, glacial mountains, fast-flowing rivers, deep, clear lakes, hissing geysers, boiling mud and long deserted beaches. Those looking for an adventurous honeymoon with amazing scenery should have New Zealand at the top of their list.


Mexico’s own small Caribbean island, Cancun has a lagoon that forms a natural aquarium teeming with tropical fish. A water enthusiast’s paradise, Cancún entices honeymooners to try all kinds of aquatic sports. There are places to wind-surf, jet ski, scuba dive, sail, snorkel, and deep-sea fish off the powdery-soft coastline lined with sparkling luxury hotels. Xcaret waterpark, 40 miles south, features an underground river 1,700 feet long and the chance to swim with dolphins.


Located just below the tip of India, this spectacular hideaway is the ultimate escape for couples craving peaceful seclusion in perfectly placed palm tree-cloaked islands, pearly white beaches — surrounded by crystal-clear, warm turquoise waters. Relax in an overwater bungalow and watch the vibrantly-colored fish and dolphins swim by. If you can peel yourself off of your lounge chair, explore the neon-bright coral reefs and barnacled shipwrecks or indulge in wakeboarding and paragliding.


The islands of the Caribbean have long been popular for honeymooners, and it’s no surprise why — beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts, and plenty of activities welcome you. From Anguilla to Puerto Rico to the United States Virgin Islands, each island has its own vibe, making it easy to find the right fit for you.


The Hawaiian culture is filled with fascinating customs, music, legends, traditions and values. The Hawaiian Islands boast some of the world’s most dramatic scenery, including tropical rainforest, miles and miles of sandy beaches, amazing volcanoes, gushing waterfalls and exotic flowers in abundance. All of this, combined with world-class amenities and a truly welcoming atmosphere, make them the perfect destination for couples, families and adventurers!


Surrounded by coral reefs, transparent waters, and pristine beaches, this Indonesian haven beckons lovers. Aside from its gorgeous natural elements, the island is also known for its diverse art forms and its music. Take advantage of Balinese healing traditions with a spa day, and indulge in the delicious authentic cuisine.


Italy has been shaped by a deep, rich and varied cultural history that has left its mark in the cities’ architecture, museums, ancient ruins and even the restaurants. The flair of Rome gets under your skin and the breathtaking architecture is unforgettable. The small streets of Venice make you feel like you’re exploring an imaginary place. The treasures for the eye found around countless corners in Florence pleasure even the most traveled of honeymoon couples. The coastline and picturesque towns of the Amalfi coast create a magical atmosphere. There is no question that Italy gives honeymooners an extra slice of romance on their special vacation.


One trending honeymoon destination is Tahiti, which is home to the capital of French Polynesia: Papeete. Often, travelers search “Tahiti” when they are really looking for information about the entire chain of Society Islands that includes Moorea, Bora Bora, Huahine, Raiatea, and Taha’a, among others. These islands—and the Polynesian culture—are intoxicating. The history of how the indigenous tribes later populated Hawaii (traveling there by canoe) is fascinating. The islands themselves are lovely with perfect white sand beaches (often protected by coral reefs), amazing snorkeling and diving, and lush inlands that are punctuated by fragrant, flowering plants.


If you love the Mediterranean but are tired of the crowds, it’s time to visit Croatia. If you want to relax and have a total escape on your honeymoon then head to the Adriatic coast which is lined with amazing beaches full of white sands and overlooking crystal clear waters. If you want to experience some glamorous and vibrant Croatian city life, then head to the city of Dubrovnik. Renowned for its stunning beauty, Dubrovnik makes the perfect honeymoon destination. If you are taking a trip to this beautiful city then make sure you visit the Old Town, such a beautiful location that it has been made a World Heritage site. If you are feeling adventurous on your honeymoon then why not charter a boat to visit the tiny islands dotted around the coast, what could be more romantic than exploring these remote islands as you start your lives together?


This Southeast Asian oasis has it all — jungles filled with ornate temples, cities packed with ancient palaces, and wide beaches punctuated with towering limestone formations. A perfect multi-week honeymoon to Thailand should include time in Bangkok, the nation’s capital, Chiang Mai and/or Chiang Rai (gateway to the Golden Triangle) in the north, and one of the island getaways. That way, you’ll get a cosmopolitan city with fantastic food and culture plus scenic mountains, lush jungles, and idyllic beaches.

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