List of Rides in Queensland Amusement Park, Chennai

  1. Free Fall Tower
  2. Child Bumper Car *
  3. Octopus
  4. Super Tele Combat (F)
  5. Trambolin*
  6. Alpen Blitz
  7. Roller Coaster
  8. Enterprise
  9. Pirata (Ship)
  10. Kids Taxi*
  11. Mini Avio*
  12. Tora Tora
  13. Swing Weight*
  14. Ventura River*
  15. Carousal*
  16. Space Journey (F)
  17. Mini Wheel*
  18. Orchestra (F)
  19. Mini Jet*
  20. Dragon Fly (F)
  21. Children Play Games*
  22. Mini Train*
  23. Dry Pool*
  24. Adult Bumper Car
  25. Cliff Hanger*
  26. Thumbrole*
  27. Centrox
  28. Video Plaza (F)
  29. Disco Fly
  30. Crazy Horses
  31. Boating (F) (T)
  32. Simulator (F) (Theatre)
  33. Cable Car (F)
  34. Fun House (F)
  35. Mirror House (F)
  36. Dark House (F)
  37. Go Kart
  38. Ballery Car (F)
  39. Battery Scooter*
  40. Bumper Boat
  41. Himalayan Water Ride (F) (T)
  42. Swimming Pool (F)
  43. Frog Slide*
  44. Mush Room*
  45. Play Station*
  46. Covered Twisters
  47. 3 Lane Slide
  48. Free Fall Slide
  49. Half Twister
  50. American Wave Pool (F)
  51. Queens Express Train (F)

T – Timing Operation
F – Family Ride
* Marked rides are exclusively for children

All rides can be enjoyed only once.

Photos – Queensland Rides:

Free Fall Tower


Alpen Blitz




Roller Coaster


Cable Car




Swimming Pool


American Wave Pool




Hanging Coaster


Adult Bumper Car


Crazy Horses


Mini Wheel




Mini Jet


Go Kart


Frog Slide


Ventura River




Mini Avio



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