List of Things to Pack on a Travel

It is normal to hurry and pack at the last moment when you are travelling. And it is equally normal to forget to pack something in a hurry. So life would be easy if you have a list of things you require, so you can refer to the list and quickly pack your bag.

* Clothes(see detailed list below)
* Medicines(see detailed list below)
* Toiletries(see detailed list below)
* Camera and accessories
* Cell phone, chargers and adapters if required.
* Torch
* Small sized locks
* Candles and matchbox or lighter if you find the need.
* Tissues
* Money required during the journey.
* Your travel tickets, passport and visa.
* Books, itinerary, guide books(such as maps, field guides etc) if you need any.
* Additional Footwear/Shoes if needed.
* Fashion Accessories & Makeup
* Plastic bags. They will be very useful to carry wet clothes.
* Water bottles.
* Sun screen
* Mosquito repellent
* Sleep bag/carry mat if needed.
* Mini-umbrella or Raincoat, if it is rainy season.
* If you are cooking the food – a plate and glass for yourself.
* Sun glasses
* Cap/Hat for shade
* Always better to carry an ID Card.
* Some Glucose may be useful

* Binoculars
* Music player
* Clothing steamer
* Swiss Knife
* Nail Cutter(if you are on a long journey. Otherwise, make sure you cut your nails before you start).
* A waist pouch or a small bag, which could be useful if you have an option to leave your baggage somewhere and walk around with minimum things needed, such as camera and water bottle.
* Pen and paper to maintain a journal.
* Waterproof money bag. If you carry lot of cash, it is better to distribute it into two wallets.
* Some food to munch on the way.

A. Normal Wear
* Comfortable Trousers and shirts. Plan properly and find out how many you would require. Don’t pack less or more
* Socks
* Towel
* Hankies
* Innerwear. Make sure you pack enough of them
* Shorts, if needed
* Comfortable tracks, if needed.
B. Thermal Wear, for cold climates
* A jacket suitable to the climate.
* Thermal Inners(Extreme Cold Conditions)
* Sweater(Extreme cold conditions when you need to dress in layers)
* Woolen Cap/Mufflers. Better to carry one to cover your ears
* Gloves(Very cold conditions)
* Woolen socks(Extreme Cold Conditions)
* Shawl(Extreme Cold Conditions)

* A pain reliever spray
* Dressing material such as cotton, band aid, bandage cloth and a disinfectant.
* Antipyretics(Such as crocin)
* Cold, Headache, Diarrhea, Anti-vomiting medication
* Personal medication, if you are taking any

* Tooth brush and paste
* Soap. Try to carry liquid soap. They are lot more easier and less messier than a cake.
* Oil and Comb
* Shampoo and Conditioner
* Razor & blades
* Women’s toiletries

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