List of Rides in VGP Universal Kingdom, Chennai

Rides in VGP Universal Kingdom can be broadly categorized as (1) Children (2) Youth and (3) Family.

Children Rides:

Children Rides are Carousels (Merry-go-round), Baby Train, Revolving Cups, Twister, Water Duck, Mini Duck, Helicopter, Jumping Frog, Water Boat, Orbiter, Alaudin, Jump-in-Star, Joy Train, Trampoline and Bouncer, Parachute Adventure, Go Racer. The Kiddies Rides Paradise which hosts an assortment of video games and more than 30 coin operated rides, in a centrally air-conditioned hall.

Youth Rides:

Youth Rides are Super Trooper, Chair-o-Plane, Dashing Cars, Water Chute, Mixer, Roller Coaster, Euro Bungee, Hydro Bike Go- Karting, Rodeo Bull.

Family Rides:

Family Rides are Aero ship, Giant wheel, Break Dance, Super jet, Balloon Racer, Roller Coaster, Orbiter.

VGP Aqua Kingdom – Photos:

VGP Universal Kingdom Rides – Photos:

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